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Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in reviewing transcripts and “locating the solutions” toward eligibility. Each student-athlete will be required during the application process to submit high school transcripts for pending review. Upon high school graduation, student-athletes furnish our staff with final transcripts for official review. Each player is given an evaluation and suggested curriculum for the upcoming academic year.


While many of our student-athletes have completed high school classes, earned a high school diploma and fulfilled the eligibility requirements to attend the college of their choice, we require ALL US Prep players to attend the provided online curriculum. Each student-athlete will have the opportunity and choice to take the class(es) which best suite their needs. All classes in the curriculum are NCAA approved courses and one class may be used to replace a course grade from each player’s respective high school transcript. This may boost one’s core GPA to possibly expand college opportunities. Because all players attend the same academic institution, Division I college coaches are able to attend all US Prep in-season practices, workouts and games.

College Level
Supplementally, each student-athlete has the luxury of taking online college courses during their stay as long as they do so on a parttime basis (11 credit hours or less). This is optional for each player. However, if a player chooses to take online college courses, we do require that the player stays part time so as not to start their college “clock” allowing this post grad year to remain a gap year. Therefore, not counting towards a college semester or year. If there are any questions regarding eligibility, we request that families ask one of our staff professionals before registering for anything.

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